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Preventing gallstones thanks to knowledge of your DNA

 Gallstones generally develop in the gallbladder. This is a pear-shaped sack in which the bile produced by the liver can be stored. Bile is secreted when you eat fat. Most people with gallstones do not experience any symptoms. However, if gallstones enter the bile duct and create an obstruction, they can cause intense, shooting pain. Most gallstones (80%) are made up primarily of cholesterol.

Preventing gallstones thanks to knowledge of your DNA

Gallstones and heredity

The risk of gallstones is determined to some extent by hereditary factors. To date it has been scientifically proven that a number of genes play a role in this. On the basis of your DNA it is therefore possible to see clearly whether you have an increased or reduced risk of gallstones.

Preventing gallstones

Preventing gallstones

Scientists are finding out more and more about ways to reduce the risk of gallstones. That means you can take steps yourself to prevent gallstones. iGene can help by sharing relevant scientific information with you.

Reduce the risk of gallstones

Want to reduce the risk of gallstones?

An iGene Passport allows you to see straight away whether you have an increased or reduced risk of a large number of hereditary diseases, including gallstones. If it becomes apparent that you are at an increased risk of gallstones, you will also receive targeted information on how to reduce this risk.

Mother and daughter

iGene: live a happier life thanks to the latest scientific insights

If you make use of the iGene message service, you will continue to receive information based on the latest scientific insights. That means that if important discoveries are made in the future that will help you to reduce the risk of gallstones even further, you will be able to benefit from them straight away.

Why iGene?

With a personal iGene Passport you get practical information for a healthier and happier life based on your own DNA profile.

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