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DASH diet

The ‘Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension’ (DASH) diet has been proven to lower blood pressure. Besides helping you reduce your blood pressure, there are other health benefits too. The DASH diet is based on the following key principles: plenty of vegetables and fruit, nuts, pulses and beans, wholegrain products, fish, low-fat dairy products and lean meat. In addition, it is characterised by a low consumption of salt, saturated and total fat, red and processed meat, soft drinks and other sugary products. DASH has a great deal in common with a Mediterranean diet. As there are no disadvantages associated with the DASH diet, it is recommended that you incorporate as many elements as possible from this diet into your own diet.

The DASH diet and your health

There are a number of health effects associated with following a DASH diet. The DASH diet, the principal aim of which is to lower blood pressure, has positive health effects similar to the benefits of a Mediterranean diet.

iGene Passport

iGene offers you an insight into your personal risks of developing conditions and tells you whether the DASH diet may be particularly important for you to help prevent certain conditions. In addition, an iGene Passport provides you with information on what else you can do to reduce any risks. Here we focus on behaviour that will help you maximise the benefits to your health. In the publication below you can read more about what iGene can do for you.

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