iGene's management team is made up of scientists and IT specialists

Dr. Marike Jacobs obtained her doctorate from Radboud University in the field of immunology. She is a winner of the EULAR Young Investigator Award. In her role as senior researcher she guides our scientific employees and is responsible for the scientific selection and validation model underlying the information we use for the iGene Passport.
Tim Schrover (Sr. .NET Software Engineer MCTS) is the senior programmer within our management team.
Dimitri Gunsing (Sr. .NET Software Engineer MCTS) is a senior programmer with a background in biotechnology. He is ultimately responsible for the technical development of our app.

Anouk Leeijen Msc is a health scientist and is responsible for managing the scientific selection process for the information we use for the iGene Passport.

Drs. Roy Haan has a dream: to give people the opportunity to influence their own happiness.

Why iGene?

With a personal iGene Passport you get practical information for a healthier and happier life based on your own DNA profile.

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Reliable information about your DNA

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